Thursday, 17 July 2014

June/July Haul!

I thought I'd thrill you guys with a few of my favourite purchases from the last couple of months!

three a & b

Aloha! I've bought a whole bunch of new clothes over the last few months, so I thought I'd share some of the better stuff with you guys, maybe you'll be interested...

I'll start with the top photo!- I LOVE my cheese fries tshirt, it's from Amazon (link), and obviously quotes Mean Girls, I've had quite a few laughs from ransomers for that tshirt (at least, I hope it's because of the shirt)... my denim jackets one I found on Ebay, it was such a spur of the moment random purchase that I wouldn't be able to find a link if I wanted to, it's from Japan though if that helps at all. It's such a great fit and not too thick which is perfect for nights out in this weather at the moment! Hopefully I'll be able to personalise it a bit in the near future with studs and/or patches! 

One: This shirt is from here, I originally bought it for my AJ Lee costume but I love it so much so I'm half tempted to buy ANOTHER one so I can still have my costume AND have one just to keep, it's such a great fit and I'm a sucker for CM Punk!

Two, Three A & Four: I had a bit of an issue getting these photos in the layout I wanted so hopefully this'll make sense to you! These three tshirts (and the hat!) are from a clothing line called Alone. I'd never bought anything from their website as it can get a bit expensive but I saw they were doing a lucky dip box for £40 which is a steal for three tshirts (normally £20 each) two hats (one of which you can see in three A)and two accessories... Absolute bargain! The only down side is that you don't actually get to pick what you're buying- You give them your size and they literally do a lucky dip to see what you receive. It was a safe bet for me though as I adore everything they sell!

Three B: Another shirt from Extreme Wrestling Shirts! I fell in love with this straight away since Cesaro is one of my favs and I've always wanted a shirt with the sleeves and neck hemmed in a different colour! 

Five: Okay, I have a few issues with this camo jacket. It WAS an amazon buy, but none the less I'm a bit disappointed, the buttons were literally in bits and it's definitely smaller than the size it's meant to be.. But I chopped off all the buttons- since it was too small for me to do up anyway, and it's not terrible if you're only intending it to be a light jacket over your outfit. If you're still interested the link is here though... the tshirt is available from the same people that made my cheese fries shirt as well, it says Wasted Youth and once I've taken a pair of scissors to the sleeves and neck then hopefully it'll fit a bit better! 

Hope you enjoyed!

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