Sunday, 25 May 2014

10 things in 21 years

I turn 21 tomorrow (YAY!). How I've made it this far is 100% beyond me, so I have written this post which is dedicated to 10 of the main things I've learnt in my 21 years! It's inspired by one of my absolute favourite bloggers, beinglittle, who wrote a similar one for her birthday earlier in the month! Some of the following lessons have come quite naturally and some have come as a result of some quite difficult parts of my life, but they are all things I often find I'm reminding myself!

1. I really believe that everything happens for a reason. Even if that reason is not apparent straight away. Without all the bad stuff that's happened to me over the however long it's been, I wouldn't be as strong as I am and I probably wouldn't be as happy or content.

2. A proper hug and some kind words really do make a lot of things better.

3. But a cup of tea and a good book often do the trick. I'm currently reading The End of the World as we Know It by Iva-Marie Palmer, I did find it in the teen fiction section of Waterstones but so far it's really enjoyable and a good way to forget about things as I flip through the pages.

4. Friends are the family you get to choose. I know it's said quite a bit, but I never thought there would be a lot of truth in it. I do, of course, adore my family but it's nice knowing I've got a beautiful group of people around me that I chose to give my love and trust to.

5. It's okay to drop the poisonous people in your life. No matter how long you've known them or how close you've been, if they make you feel anything less than brilliant then they're probably not worth your time.

6. Don't allow people to manipulate you and make you feel worthless. You aren't. I've found that the people that try to do this are the ones with the issues.

7. Each and every person you meet can teach you something new. Ask them questions, listen to the answers. If someone really recommends something, try it out! You might find something you really enjoy!

8. It's OK to take a day for yourself. Turn off your phone and stay in bed all day if you need to.

9. Find someone that makes you laugh and never let them go. There can never be too much laughter in your life, it really is the best medicine!

10. Ice cream for breakfast is totally acceptable if you're really hungover. Trust me. Strawberry ice cream.

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