Friday, 6 June 2014

Rainy weekends

I was really excited about the last week as well as the upcoming one, Matt & I have had his house to ourselves and have been off of work. I wasn't really sure what we were gonna be doing, but I knew it would be nice to spend a couple of weeks together playing house! It's rained for almost a straight week, which means we've been a little bit stuck for things to do and in turn that makes for a bit of a dull post this week! 

We did, however, attempt to build a fort! Using numerous blankets, elastic bands, safety pins, pillows, cushions and duvets we managed to build a bit of a fort which I think stayed up for about an hour before we realised it was pretty difficult to get in to the kitchen. It was comfy though!

We also played Cluedo, a LOT. I always LOVED playing Cluedo when I was little and when I saw they were selling it in a local toy shop with a 2 player option I absolutely had to have it. Matt on the other hand was a bit more difficult to persuade, we didn't share the same love for it growing up it seems. Funny that, considering now he's constantly at me to play it. I think someone liked it a little more than they let on!

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